Event(s) Planning Thread~

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Event(s) Planning Thread~

Post  Toshiku on Wed Jun 05, 2013 7:59 pm

Heya guildies ♥️~

So, since the stream of events was interrupted by the fact many members schedules were preventing people from being able to take part, and confusion with the dates & times in general; I decided to make this thread.

We need to come up with a date and time that we all agree on, and call that day the guild Event day, basically~

So in this thread, and within the guild chat, can we keep bumping this topic up and post back here with the day/time the "majority" of us are available for an event day? - It'd be useful if we had some volunteers to help get those results posted here, of course, myself being one of them. Razz

Also, I will be starting weekly events that does not require us all to be logged on at the same time to participate. More info on that coming soon~ (I'll make a new thread about it)


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