Alts List Confirmation~

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Alts List Confirmation~

Post  Toshiku on Fri Jul 12, 2013 5:05 pm

Hey guildies,

So like I said(and have been saying for around a week now), I'm going to filter out the inactives within the guild and leave them a note to inform them that they will be welcome to reappy should they become active once again.

The purpose of this is to follow-up on our inactivity rules, and also to make room for potential newcomers... however, this clearance can't really go ahead until people confirm their alts that are within the guild. I have asked numerous times for people to land me a note with their alt names, and a few people did - but not enough.

So, please, reply to this thread leaving your main's name and the names of your alts(if any) that are in the guild. I'll give this thread a week, after that I will be removing any unconfirmed alts from the guild. You may reapply with your alt afterwards though~


Main: Toshiku
Alts: Mitziku

If you know I already know the name of your alts, don't worry about replying here. If you're not sure though, you know what to do~ this thread will probably help with Kevin's database, too.

And one more thing: If you have more than one alt in the guild, please list the reason for the other alts. If they have some kind of use to the guild, they are welcome regardless. An example of being useful to the guild would be Flamexel's alts for their herb farms~


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Re: Alts List Confirmation~

Post  Burningsky on Sat Jul 13, 2013 3:15 am

Main: Burningsky
Alts: Rightfully, Aillyra

I don't really use either alt, so feel free to clear them both

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