Meeting #4 Notes~

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Meeting #4 Notes~

Post  Toshiku on Sun Jul 21, 2013 6:42 am

Here are the notes to the meeting we had a few hours back.

We discussed modding and what we do and do not tolerate as a guild within the guild. We came up with three categories for the mods, and they are as followed:

Wall glitching in Hillwen Mines

CP Checker
Lag reducing mods = allowed

Judged on occurence:
Visual mods

We also decided that how we deal with people using mods within the "banned" list, will be tackling it with a council approach, leading to a guild vote in order to keep all members informed and up to date with what is happening within the guild.

Secondary to the above, we discussed Project Demonstorm. During which, we decided to maintain goals and spoke about a few ways to get things rolling again, one of which being the Dragon Raids~

For more info regarding the meeting, or even if you have any concerns~ feel free to note myself or Kiraya.


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