Skill Suggestions

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Skill Suggestions

Post  Flamexel on Sun Jul 28, 2013 6:51 am

Every other forum probably has like a dozen of these, so I thought I'd start one here for fun.

Make up your own skill and let someone else pick it apart for flaws or imbalances, or make up your own.~

Examples :

Sonic Boom
"Many Archery skills oddly enough have been influenced by Magic. By using magic knowledge, an arrow or a bolt can be fired at a significantly faster rate, giving it significantly higher penetrating power. A side effect of this is a sonic boom that causes vast damage to anyone along the route traveled by the fired missile."

How the skill works:
As with all archery skills, this skill targets an enemy and the aim meter rises to determine accuracy.
When the missile is fired, all enemies directly in the line of fire are damaged at 100%.
Afterwards, a Sonic Boom occurs and all damaged enemies are knocked back.
The damage and width of the Sonic Boom vary based on Rank.

Skill Effects:

Rank F:
Initial Hit 100%
Sonic Boom 200%

Rank 1:
Initial Hit 100%
Sonic Boom 500%

Master Title:
the Shooter of Storms
Dex +15
Sonic Boom 2nd hit Dmg +50%

"By focusing solely on the target, it becomes much easier to land repeated hits against it. By using this skill, you utilize tremendous amount of focus to increase your aim % but become vulnerable to attacks from other enemies."

How the skill works:
Using this skill on a target gives you improved aim against it for a short period of time. However, you become unable to attack anything but the target and you can not move.
Starting from rank 9, you gain a small boost in critical hit rate.
Starting from rank 5, you also deal more damage to the target.
If you get attacked, Lock-On ends.

Skill Effects:

Rank F:
Lock-On Success Rate 50%.
Lock-On Duration 10 Seconds.
Lock-On increases your aim by 25% from the time you start aiming at the target.
Cooldown :300 Seconds.

Rank 9:
Lock-On Success Rate 60%.
Lock-On Duration 15 Seconds.
Lock-On increases your aim by 35% from the time you start aiming at the target.
Critical Hit Rate against +10%
Cooldown : 240 Seconds.

Rank 5:
Lock-On Success Rate 75%.
Lock-On Duration 20 Seconds.
Lock-On increases your aim by 60% from the time you start aiming at the target.
Critical Hit Rate against +15%.
Damage against +10%.
Cooldown : 210 Seconds.

Rank 1:
Lock-On Success Rate 90%.
Lock-On Duration 30 Seconds.
Lock-On increases your aim by 80% from the time you start aiming at the target.
Critical Hit Rate against Target +20%.
Damage Increase against Target +15%.
Cooldown : 180 Seconds.

Master Title:
the Never Missing Hunter/Huntress
Dex +10
Aiming Initial % +20%
Critical Hit Rate against Target +5%
Damage Increase against Target +10%

PS : Laugh all you want at my ideas qq...

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Re: Skill Suggestions

Post  Toshiku on Tue Jul 30, 2013 7:50 am

These seem awesome.. D:!

And there's me saying last night in the guild chat that Archery is fine and should be left alone! XD I'd gladly welcome those skills!

Sounds fun~

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Re: Skill Suggestions

Post  Fissrasuren's Magnitude on Tue Jul 30, 2013 9:07 pm

I have some Life Skill ideas too:

-Weight Training: Adventurers seem to carry more and more each day, even running out of space and cutting short their current adventure. With this skill you can build strength and carry even more items with you when yo go out on your adventure.

What it does: Gives a brand new inventory when you achieve Rank F. As you rank it you gain more inventory slots in that new inventory, eventually achieving a whole new inventory at Rank 1. It requires weights to train. It also affects how much more you can carry through commerce, essentially giving you as much as a commerce partner at Rank 1. Gives off strength as you rank it. It also gives a extra 15% balance at Rank 1.

-Agility Training: Adventurers seem to be in a hurry to being their adventure quicker. With this skill, you'll be able to move at a faster pace and even conserve more stamina.

What it does: As you keep ranking it, you gain 1% to speed increase and 1% to stamina conservation eventually reaching 15% at rank 1. It can be trained by running a specific number of meters or through production skills such as Milking and Hoeing. I.E. Do productive work. Gives off stamina as you rank it. It also increases the rate at which you gather things as well.

-Homestead Farming: Successful Farmers constantly make more crops than normal through their homestead but have no way of receiving Kon for those crops. Enter the market through this skill and earn more Kon for your property.

What it Does: As you keep ranking it, you gain 1% to crop growth time speed, 1% Kon gain, and you begin to gain Ducats depending on the crop at Rank F. It also increases the time reduction for playing music to crops. Training it is obvious. The skill increases luck as well as you rank it and enables bonus Kon and Ducats upon gathering.

Rank 1: 15% Kon bonus and growth time speed
                 15% effectiveness to Music playing for crops.
                 Enabled Bonus Kon and Ducats upon gathering

-Haggling: Merchants have constantly tried to talk their way into a better deal with tradesmen. Practice this skill and persuade the market to give off better deals.

What it Does: Like the skills before you get 1% effectiveness through each rank starting at Rank F. This skill works on bank transactions, All NPCs who sell things including Trade Imps, and effects your prices for selling something or buying something. It does not however affect sales through the Commerce System since that involves Commerce Mastery. Gives luck as you rank it.

Now for two magic skills which would blow your mind.

-Mana Reabsorption: Mages have developed a new and less debilitating way to regain mana. As you cast your spell there is a chance you will reabsorb the mana while using it, effectively gaining back what you lost to the environment to cast the spell.

What it Does: As you keep ranking it you gain a percent bonus to reabsorbing the mana you just used to cast the spell. It reaches 14% at Rank 2 and then jumps to a 20% chance at Rank 1. Does not work on Mana Shield. Gives off mana as you rank it.

Hybrid Skill: Close Combat and Magic. Spellsword

-Teleport Contact Seal: Mages have tried to devise many ways to move out of danger without consuming too much Mana and Warriors have tried to devise more ways to come up closer to their target. With this skill you can attack your enemy through a melee hit and leave a teleportation seal on him, using it whenever you want.

What it Does: It's basically what the 4th Hokage does. Activate the skill and hit an enemy with it for half of your damage, the damage percent increases throughout each rank, effectively becoming 200% at rank 1. The distance at which you can also activate the teleportation seal increases throughout each rank, effectively becoming 2000 meters at Rank 1. It raises strength and mana as you rank it. If you kill the enemy while it has it, the body will disappear after 2 minutes and can still be used.

Hybrid Skill: Archery and Magic.

-Teleport Arrow Seal: Many Archery skills oddly enough have been influenced by Magic. By using magic knowledge, Archers are able to shoot an arrow at an enemy and teleport instantly to them 500 meters away, essentially closing in the shot.

What it Does: Essentially what the skill before this did but you can't use it whenever you want, you can target dead enemies with it too and will instead teleport on top of them. at Rank 1 it does twice your damage. Raises mana and dexterity.

Hybrid Skill: Adventurer and Magic

Permanent Doppelganger: Mages have essentially figured out a way to clone certain parts of their ability into a summoning that looks exactly like them. Use this skill to summon a much more basic version of yourself.

What it Does: It is essentially the first real summoning spell for mages and basically makes a basic version of you that has all 3 basic bolt spells at your rank along with any masteries for them and copies all of your basic skills along with any of their masteries. The only difference is that your doppelganger knows taunt automatically at rank 1. The doppelganger essentially uses this when it drops at half of its HP and fights on its own. Skills that it has: Combat Mastery, Smash, Counterattack, Defense, Windmill, Assault Slash and Shadow Bunshin that is hard capped at rank F, Ice bolt, Fire bolt, Lightning Bolt, All 3 elemental masteries, Bolt Mastery and Magic Mastery. The Doppelganger has basic weaponry depending on your race. and when is summoned gives a bonus 5% protection. At rank 1 the Doppelganger has 500 hp mana and stamina and keeps the same str, int, dex, luck, and will throughout all ranks. It raises mana intelligence and stamina as you rank it up and consumes stamina and mana.

Hybrid Skill: Mage and Alchemist

-Mana Drain: Mages Have found a crafty way to obtain more mana from their enemies by imitating the effects of Life Drain.

What it Does: Basically what Life Drain does, but if the enemy is using mana shield the skill drains mana at twice the rate. When it finishes draining the enemies mana, it begins to damage them, when the skill has gone through the whole animation it explodes the enemy. Raises mana as you rank it.

Now for some Alchemist skills

-Elemental Packaging: Alchemists have a devised a new crystal which effectively has all the properties of the four elements. This crystal effectively uses the damage abilities of all four crystals.

What it Does: Allows the creation of Elemental Crystals. Increases production chance of making them throughout each rank.

-Elemental Shot: With the Elemental Crystal, you can essentially use all four elements at once, effectively hurting a neutral element enemy.

What it Does: Does what the Water Cannon does as the animation and it uses Elemental Crystals. It gets buffs for all 4 elements as well. Has a high cooldown due to the damage it can inflict.

Btw at this point i got tired of explaining what the ranks will do so just get a taste of it.

-Intermediate Magic Crystal Mastery: Alchemists have effectively learned how to use intermediate magic out of cylinders more effectively, keep training with this skill to improve the efficiency of those magic crystals.

Also they should add Blaze Crystals.

What it Does: Kind of obvious buddy.

Hybrid skill: Mages and both kind of Alchemists:

-Elemental Form Barrage: Alchemists have figured out a way through synthesizing crystals  to densely pack a thunder, ice spear, fireball and blaze crystals together with a flame, water, wind, and earth crystal. This essentially has led to a crystal that first blinds an enemy with blaze, pushing them back, then shoots a fireball that sends out bursts of flame in all directions, then shoots an enemy with a gust of wind that moves the thunder strike into the enemy, and shoots a freezing ball of water at the enemy freezing them in the end, the skill goes into a long cooldown for pressurizing the cylinder.

What it Does: It is a very overpowered skill and is essentially what i feel should match the meteor strike ability by having a very long cooldown. The enemies that you hit will be blinded for longer than the skill takes to end and be pushed back by a blaze  that spreads out dirt through the vicinity, effectively hitting and blinding any other enemies in the vicinity, it then immediately after the blaze while the enemy is still being pushed back shoots a fireball that if it is close enough in certain meters to any other enemies, begins to damage them, and then explodes on the enemy behind them sending them back to you, it then pushes that enemy back with a wind blast that is imbued with the effects of a 5 thunder, which activates once the enemy is full knocked down and also hits any other enemies in the vicinity, finally after all of that insanity, you shoot a highly pressurized frozen ball of ice at the enemy which when it hits the enemy does the water cannon damage you normally do and then freezes other enemies in a shorter vicinity than the rest of the other attacks, doing the ice spear skill, if those enemies are killed by the ice spear, then other enemies get caught in it. The basic alchemy crystals use your basic skills damage potential and the intermediate magics including blaze use your crystals rank and your intermediate magic crystal mastery rank. Acquiring this skill allows the creation of the crystals. and ranking it gives off mana and intelligence.

Flame will like this skill, It is a puppet skill btw.

Puppet Theater: Puppet Masters with great control over their puppets can send out both puppets to perform a accurately coordinated series of attacks on a single enemy. Use this skill to have Pierrot and Colossus perform the bloodiest Duet.

What it Does: The puppet user sends out both  puppets onto the field and essentially does a fixed skill that does a combo between both of them. Pierrot and Colossus appear on each side of the selected enemy and first perform climactic crash, moving to the opposite side and hurting the enemy, they then use crisis and pull on each other, cutting up the enemy, finally they perform rising action and send the enemy flying.

List of other random skills:

Hybrid Skill: Gunner and Archery

-Head-shot: Archers and Gunners have constantly put their skill to the test. Practice this skill to disable an enemy with only one shot.

What it Does: Kills certain enemies in one hit through the use of guns or a bow. Your Aim speed is drastically reduced but can be increased through ranking the skill. This is the only skill gunners will have that actually requires them to aim. It also has a long cooldown. It can only be used on enemies with heads. Increases luck and dexterity.

Hybrid Skill: Mage and Fighter. Monk

-Physical Meditation: Monks have developed a way to physically rest their bodies while staying awake, much through the same methods as normal meditation. This has allowed monks to stay on top of their day.

What it Does: Basically what Meditation does but it requires knuckles to be equipped. Stamina is raised as it is ranked.

Hybrid Skill: Archer and Warrior.

-Bow Close Combat: Archers have developed a method of attacking an enemy in close range with their bows without breaking it. Practice this sill to rely less on a secondary weapon when in close combat.

What it Does: kind of obvious, it uses your fist damage and is an active skill. at Rank 1 you get no damage penalties for using the skill. Gives str and dex. Bows only.

Hybrid Skill: Close Combat and Bard

-Taunting Performance: Anger and taunt enemies into attacking you, effectively preventing party members from getting attacked. When you get hit once the aggro is automatically dropped off of you

Hybrid Skill: Adventurer and Bard

-Bandwagon: Perform a song that will make even the forces of Cichol join your own ranks.

Hybrid Skill: Holy Arts and Bard

-Soothing Lullaby: Heal your allies slowly and drop the aggro of nearby enemies. This range is less than that of taunting performance and has a lower chance to succeed when affecting the aggro.

These are all the skills i had in mind. lol

Last edited by Fissrasuren's Magnitude on Tue Jul 30, 2013 9:54 pm; edited 2 times in total (Reason for editing : I want to continue adding to certain skills.)

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Oooh Skills

Post  Ikimasho on Tue Jul 30, 2013 11:53 pm

Dual Casting -  The war against the teeming shadows has rushed the discovery and implementation of new arts.  After multiple attempts to control the elements, the magi have discovered a way to double the potency of their spells.

Instead of adding one charge per cast, the skill will add twice as many. In the case of chaincasting, the skill will double the amount of charges the chaincast provides. Capped at 5 charges.

Act 10: Afterword (Only usable during Act 9: Invigorating Encore) - A Marionette skill that requires a great feeling of esprit de corpsbetween puppeteer and puppet. This skill portrays the never-ending road that continues after the story has ended.

The puppet tosses the enemy back to the puppeteer who uses his wires to grip the enemy and toss him back. After passing the enemy back and forth five times the puppeteer and puppet slam the enemy down into the ground. Immediately ends Act 9: Invigorating Encore after usage.

Ripper Strike - Tired of enemies getting up so soon? No need to fret! This skill is the pepper to Assault Slash. (Only usable after Assault Slash.)

After using Assault Slash the enemy will bounce upwards into the air. During this moment, the warrior performs a vicious strike downing the enemy again which leads into an impaling blow.

Portrayal  Smash the enemy and knock them back -> Assault Slash to get in close which queues the bounce animation -> Downward slash which brutally forces the enemy downwards -> Immediately after the enemy is downed, they experience a painful blow as the enemy slams their sword into the ground through them (Similar to Dragon Fang/Glory Sword stance [just used to impale them].)

Celestial Judgement - The successor to Spear of Light.

Repeatedly rush through your enemies at the speed of light inflicting damage with a weapon of pure light. Ends with one more rush followed with seven spears blasting a set radius.

Load skill -> Select target area -> Proceed with attack -> Final rush -> Six spears blast random zones in the AoE. -> Last spear hits the entire area

Reaping of Souls - The successor to Shadow Spirit

Rather than spreading your assimilated souls, you gather all the energy into a concentrated blast and lock enemies into an area dealing constant damage until the field disappears.

Titan's Heart - The bravest of warriors will always persevere no matter what the danger. You will too with this skill.

Adds a missing percentage of your HP to your damage. The lower your HP the more damage you deal.

Magic Calculation - 49+((sr(49/pi))*2*pi*3)+((1/3)*(sr(49/pi ))*2*pi*1.7) = Vanilla Pudding

Doubles the cast speed of all spells including Hailstorm, Blaze (charge time).

Okay done for now. Most of these were impromptu so if they look/sound ridiculous don't mind me (I'm kind of sleepy).

Chain 4 Domineering Slam (Only usable after Pummel) - Plant your foes into the ground with a punishing blow! After the last hit of pummel the enemy is taken into the air  and slammed viciously into the ground afterwards.
Hope they have life insurance!

Chain 4 Hurricane Toss (Only Usable after Pummel) - Rather than slamming your foes into the ground, you can toss them into the next field map with this skill. Grab your enemy and spin them until it's time to let go. Watch them fly away!

Spider's Dance (Only usable after Spider Shot) - Jump overhead and unleash a barrage of arrows while the enemy is entangled in your web. The ranger uses precise aim to target multiple joints. Lowers their movement speed for a set amount of time.

[This isn't really a skill but I'd appreciate it if Nexon reworked the attack animations for dual wielding.]

Heaven's Thunder - Blast your foes with heaven's might. Summons seven vicious lightning strikes in an AoE. All targets hit by this spell will take increased damage from lightning element attacks for a set amount of time.

(What should have been made) Meteor Storm- Unleash the cosmos' fury on your enemies. Summons MULTIPLE METEORS to bombard a targeted area leaving a trail of malevolent scorched earth. You can almost smell the stench. All targets hit by this spell will take increased damage from fire element attacks for a set amount of time.

Shield Bash - Slam a shield into your enemies' face for a change. The sheer force of the blow will lower your foes defenses for a brief period increasing stagger time for any hits taken afterward.

Last edited by Ikimasho on Thu Aug 01, 2013 12:42 pm; edited 2 times in total (Reason for editing : Resetting all magic spell cooldowns sounds pretty useless when it'd only benefit a few skills + Adding more skills)

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New Skillsets

Post  Fissrasuren's Magnitude on Fri Sep 20, 2013 8:31 pm

Ninja/Assasin: This skillset relies on the use of short stabbing weapons such as daggers and dirks and balances poison and gives hide to humans and elves. It is not available to giants and the damage is supported by dex,int and luck but the damage bonuses are relatively low. It also introduces throwing knives, which are supposed to be paired with your dagger. When you counterattack with throwing knives, you push back the enemy with your dagger and then throw out a knife, pushing the enemy the farthest possible. This skillset is meant to be a bow that does melee. It can also be thought of as the fighter of Archery. Throwing knives have arrow base damage with a critical hit bonus.
Skills are as follows:

-Poison Attack(Active)
-Poison Mastery(Passive)
-Sand Bomb(Active)
-Sneak Attack(Active)

Ranged skills that it borrows: Crash shot and Ranged Attack.

-Poison Attack: Basically does what dischord does but with higher damage and no speed reduction.
-Poison Mastery: Obvious
-Paralyze: You knock the enemy out cold leaving them open to one hit before they wake up. The enemy loses all of their defense, leaving them open to much higher damage.
-Sprint: Activating it drains stamina out a bit faster than normal but gives a movement speed boost, can only be used with daggers.
-Dodge: Like counterattack except when an enemy attempts to hit you while it is activated, they will miss completely and be open to a higher tier attack, can only be done with daggers.
-Takedown: High damage skill with a small chance to deal twice the damage you did where you find an enemy's weak spot and hit it, different animations for different enemies.
-Sand Bomb: Throw out a bomb with sand that stuns enemies for a prolonged amount of time giving you time to run away. Enemies with helmets on have a lower chance of being affected.
-Hitman: Kind of like way of the gun but instead all of your related skills get a extra damage buff
-Hide: Obvious. Can be used whenever you want  and has a high cooldown before being usable again.
-Sneak Attack: only usable with daggers and under the effect of hide, completely ignores prot and def, only attack that can be done under the effects of hide. Cancels hide upon use.

Mystic: Summon various things and seal things within you, turn your enemies into your allies and tools of battle. Put your enemies under illusions as well. Uses the Dream Catcher and moves the transformation mastery skill to Mystic skillset. Relies on will and intelligence.

-Creature Sealing: Seal a being within you and send it out to fight alongside you. While inside of you, they will give you stat benefits.
-Transformation Mastery: Already exists but would be improved and allow the use of Creature Sealing and other Mystic Skills.
-Summon Doppelganger: Summons a version of yourself with basic skills intact, more are summoned depending on the rank.
-Illusion Mastery: Increase successful illusion rate.
-Fear: Gives the user a magic and normal attack buff against the enemy it was used on and makes them keep a distance. Against players it will occasionally force them to move back away.
-Play Dead: moved to mysticism and given a new animation. each rank increases the success rate and how fast you get up again. Ineffective against players. As you get up enemies around you are hurt
-Mimic: transform to be like your opponent with all their skills and equipment. You keep your own stats and dream catcher damage however.
-Dream Catcher Mastery: obvious
-Nightmare: Put your enemy under a traumatic series of visions which will reduce their stats and damage them slowly.
-Dream: Fall asleep along with all other enemies, draining their mana and hp, leaves you open to other enemies and enemies wake up after a certain time.

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Re: Skill Suggestions

Post  Flamexel on Mon Dec 23, 2013 4:24 pm

Skillset Idea
(No idea what to make the mp/sta costs or AP costs for each skill lulz)

The Hunter Skillset focuses on powering up your Pets when summoned and working with the Pet and other animals to perform powerful combos.
Hunters can fight with Swords or Bows.

Summoned Beast Mastery

Stats of Summoned Pets Increases.

Rank F
Pet gains 50% of the Player/s Min/Max Dmg, Crit and Balance
Pet Hp/Mp/Sta +50
Pet Def +5
Pet Prot +1
Pet Min Att +10
Pet Max Att +20

Rank 1
Pet Gains 75% of the Player's Min/Max Dmg, Crit and Balance
Pet Hp/Mp/Sta +200
Pet Def +50
Pet Prot +15
Pet Min Att +25
Pet Max Att +50



Heals wounds and Hp of Summoned Pets when used.
Requires a Bandage to use.

Rank F
Hp +10
Wound Healing +5%

Rank 1
Hp +150
Wound Healing +20%


Command : Rush

Can only be used with a Pet Summoned.
The Pet attacks the targetted enemy and stuns it.
(Command Skills use the Pet's stats for calculating Damage, Crit and Balance after Summoned Animal Mastery.)

Rank F
Distance 800
Dmg : 75%
Stun Duration 1 Second
Load Time 0 Seconds
Cooldown Time 8 Seconds

Rank 1
Distance 1200
Dmg : 200%
Stun Duration 2 Seconds
Load Time 0 Seconds
Cooldown Time 5 Seconds


Command : Fury

Can only be used with a Pet Summoned.
Can only be used after Command : Rush is used.

The Player dashes in front of the Target and performs a combination attack with the Pet when using a melee weapon.
The Player snipes the target after the Pet attacks when using a ranged weapon.

(Command Skills use the Pet's stats for calculating Damage, Crit and Balance after Summoned Animal Mastery.)

Rank F
Number of Hits : 3
First Hit : 50%
Second Hit : 50%
Third Hit : 80%
Load Time 0 Seconds
Cooldown 10 Seconds

Rank 1
Number of Hits : 5
First-Fourth Hit : 100%
Fifth Hit : 300%
Load Time 0 Seconds
Cooldown 7 Seconds


Command : Hunt

Can only be used with a Pet Summoned.
Can only be used after Command : Fury is used.
The Pet weaves back and forth striking the enemy with Hooves, Claws, Beak, or Fangs to deliver devastating damage.
After a certain number of hits, the Player knocks back the target with a strong blow to finish it off.

(Command Skills use the Pet's stats for calculating Damage, Crit and Balance after Summoned Animal Mastery.)

Rank F
Number of Hits : 5
First-Fourth Hit : 50%
Fifth Hit : 300%
Load Time 0 Seconds
Cooldown Time 30 Seconds

Rank 1
Number of Hits : 10
First-Ninth Hit : 75%
Tenth Hit : 300%

Wolf Pack

Can only be used with a Pet Summoned
Summons a certain number of wolves to help out.
The Wolves will attack and stun enemies your Pet attacks.
If your Pet attacks more than 1 Enemy, the Wolves will split up depending on the Number of Summoned Wolves.

Rank F
Summons 1 Gray Wolf
Max Number of Wolves : 1
Hp : 100
Min/Max : 70% of the Summoned Pet's Dmg
Balance : 50%
Crit : 10%
Def/Prot : 1/1
Duration : 120 Seconds
Load Time 5 Seconds

Rank 9
Summons 1 Black Dire Wolf
Max Number of Wolves : 2
Hp : 600
Min/Max : 70% of the Summoned Pet's Dmg
Balance : 50%
Crit : 30%
Def/Prot : 10/5
Duration : 180 Seconds
Load Time : 5 Seconds

Rank 5
Summons 1 Gray Feral Wolf
Max Number of Wolves : 3
Hp : 850
Min/Max : 70% of the Summoned Pet's Dmg
Balance : 50%
Crit : 50%
Def/Prot : 20/10
Duration : 240 Seconds
Load Time : 5 Seconds

Rank 1
Summons 1 Giant White Wolves
Max Number of Wolves : 5
Hp : 1200
Min/Max : 100% of the Summoned Pet's Dmg
Balance : 80%
Crit : 100%
Def/Prot : 30/15
Duration : 300 Seconds
Load Time 3 Seconds


Birds of Prey

Summons a certain Number of Giant Hawks based on rank.
The Giant Hawks fly high in the air on standby when Summoned.
When this skill is used, the Giant Hawks dive down and strike multiple enemies in a line before taking off again.

Rank F
Summons 3 Hawks
Min/Max : 70% of the Player's Dmg
Max Number of Attacks : 3
Load Time : 0 Seconds
Cooldown Time : 30 Seconds

Rank 1
Summons 10 Hawks
Min/Max : 100% of Player's Dmg
Max Number of Attacks : 10
Load Time : 0 Seconds
Cooldown Time : 30 Seconds


Wild Instincts

Can only be used with a Pet Summoned.
Disables the use of Command skills.
Disables the use of Custom pet AI's while in use.
Petrifies all targets without Immunity or Advanced Heavy Stander in a certain Radius based on Rank.

Rank F
Min/Max when in use: +10/25
Crit : +10%
Pet Movement Speed : +30%
Petrify Radius : 4m
Petrify Duration : 10 Seconds
Duration : 40 Seconds
Cooldown : 120 Seconds

Rank 1
Min/Max when in use: +40/60
Crit : +25%
Pet Movement Speed : +40%
Petrify Radius : 6m
Petrify Duration : 10 Seconds
Duration : 90 Seconds
Cooldown : 120 Seconds

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Re: Skill Suggestions

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