Meeting #5 Notes~

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Meeting #5 Notes~ Empty Meeting #5 Notes~

Post  Toshiku on Sun Aug 18, 2013 12:49 am

Here are some notes taken from meeting #5~

1) First, we discussed our stance on the banning (or not banning) the Hillwen mines glitch. After a small controlled discussion, we decided that auto-ban was necessary~

2) After that, we talked about two new projects regarding Shadow and Kiraya, they are as followed:

Kiraya - Project Witchcraft
~ Help Zeph rank his skill via donating materials, and in return he offers free services to the entire guild

Shadow - Project Shadow's Engineering Degree
~Help Shadow rank his skill via donating materials, and he will take requests for guns in return

3) Guild Title: We held multiple votes and eventually a poll, to decide upon a guild title. Though it came close between "the Oracle" and "the Divine" - "the Oracle" was the final winning vote.

4) Recruitment - During this, it was announced that we are recruiting during the event period. It was made clear however, that our recruitment rules still apply, and we will only take on new legit members that are recommended by current members within the guild. ~ What failed to be mentioned was that recruitment will be put on hold again once the event ends, until further notice.

5) Guild runs + my time out at the end of the month - during this, it was suggested that we made more effort to get guild runs a more regular occurrence, due to people noticing a drop in the rates of these taking place. Nigh did point out though (and I agree) that the drop is likely because of all the new events Nexon has landed on us! after that, we talked about my time out at the end of August for 1~2 weeks(still undecided). And, as always, the guild was reassured that Kiraya would be there to handle any and all issues during my time away~

And of course, finally.. the events~

I announced (and will announce again properly in a separate thread) that during my final week before leaving for Australia, I will hold spontaneous guild events that are NOT pre-planned nor pre-organized; and these events shall have NX as prizes. The number of events, the time they're held, or what the event consists of.. has not and will not be decided until the moment they happen. ~See the thread for more info~


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Meeting #5 Notes~ Empty Re: Meeting #5 Notes~

Post  Shizuhara on Wed Aug 21, 2013 6:57 pm

Shadow and Zephy should have a thread where they can give updates on their progress and what materials they need~

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