Spontaneous Event Period! ~ August 24th ~ 29th

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Spontaneous Event Period! ~ August 24th ~ 29th Empty Spontaneous Event Period! ~ August 24th ~ 29th

Post  Toshiku on Sun Aug 18, 2013 12:57 am

Hey guildies,

So as you all know by now, I will be going to Australia at the end of the month on a work trip with the Orchestra I am a part of right now. Since I am taking time away, and the events haven't been regular as of late... I decided to throw a few events before I leave, the info is below:

During the time period of: August 24th ~ August 29th 2013, I shall be holding spontaneous events with NX rewards. The day, date, time and theme of these events are not pre-planned or ore-organized, and therefore, your chances of taking part are dependant on how active you are during that time period.

Rest assured that I will make a conscious effort to hold these events during the more "active" times within the guild (ask in the guild chat for info) but no promises are being made, since they are spontaneous.

NOTICE: ALL members need an active registered forum account to be able to collect their winning code should they win one of the events. Failure to own one before the event takes place, will land you disqualified - you will not win anything at all.

Also, spread the word for these events, and direct people to the forum~


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