Our own Swat Team. The Legendary Team of the Four Paths, Beast Knight Group.

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Our own Swat Team. The Legendary Team of the Four Paths, Beast Knight Group. Empty Our own Swat Team. The Legendary Team of the Four Paths, Beast Knight Group.

Post  Fissrasuren's Magnitude on Sun Sep 01, 2013 1:08 am

Before i was ever in this guild and as a human, i had a short-lived group called the Beast Knight group. Ever since bob told me about the group of reflex kids he called the swat team, it has made want to make our own. I want to basically re-organize the 4 man party i once had and make our guild have that or maybe even more 4-man squads.

I'm looking for 1 paladin,dark knight and falcon participant if they are interested around my ability and we can start on the first floor of peaca for training if you're interested in building up a powerful 4 -man squad with me.

What i'm looking for:

-Good teamwork
-precise skill comboing with other mates(don't have to be perfect either)
-A tactician better than me, if you're at flame's level of tactics, then you're more than welcome to make up the tactics.
-Constructive Criticism
-Organized Saturday runs of our choosing.
-Diversity with skills
-And most important of all, helping your mate if they are in trouble.
-Great combat abilities against AIs and players alike.

The reason i am choosing peaca's first floor is to organize ourselves against that sort of multi-aggro and to help mates while we are being attacked. I'm more than likely to be the one doing that position, but always do it if you have the ability to do so. Also, if one of you is more of a support player who can defend themselves, then i would love it if you party heal and do music, although that is not necessary. We don't necessarily have to be at the same ability too btw, but we can't be too far apart either. Remember that the goal of this 4-man squad is to give ourselves our own little sort of Avengers team in a way. Not everybody has to be present either too.

Please post and note me in-game if you're interested in a way. Also if this manages to get really well, then hopefully other people in the guild can organize themselves like that a bit.

Speaking on this topic too, I want to train any new melee kids that enter our guild to be better warriors in-game, so long as they're giant, since shadow is better at explaining human melee.

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