Entering Sky alchemy. the guide on Wind Alchemy, the best alchemy!

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Entering Sky alchemy. the guide on Wind Alchemy, the best alchemy! Empty Entering Sky alchemy. the guide on Wind Alchemy, the best alchemy!

Post  train_aurion on Tue Sep 03, 2013 1:29 am

This guide isn't so much of a joke but rather its practice, since I've always wanted to write a guide. This guide will inform you of wind alchemy and its place in parties. This guide is intended for PvE. Please note however wind alchemy is NOT for hurting your enemies. Sure it can do chip damage but its main purpose is to affect the enemy in some way.

Wind alchemy believe it or not does not just consist of wind blast believe it or not. I will address all skills that require a wind crystal in some shape or form.

1. Wind Blast - The basic wind alchemy skill and highly under-rated, it even has a near non existent load time and can be used while being hit or even knocked down. Most don't bother ranking this unless they're trying to activate the crocodile ES. This skill is very useful however though it doesn't begin to show til r5. Not only does the knock back allow you some thinking time, it also can be used to position mobs accordingly (e.g. blowing them into the range of a friend's fireball or a climactic crash or dividing double aggro into 2 waves of single aggro); however at r5 the range at which the skill can be used increases from 400 to 650 distance. (keep in mind that a basic bolt spell fires at about 1200 at max distance) and at r1 it goes from 650 to 800 distance. (3/4th's of a bolt spell's range or water cannon range) making it a great skill to cancel an opponents skill since every skill, with the exception of firebolt at r1, deactivates when knocked down. Wind blast is also great for building up pressure to use Heat buster.

2. Frozen Blast - A skill that immobilizes an enemy for a set amount of time. Its infamous for having a low success rate on stronger mobs however it works great in Hillwen. It also forces any enemy within its range to aggro you whether the skill is successful or not. This skill should only be used if you know an enemy can be frozen easily with it, have no other options but to rely on the gamble, are in a party, or are trying to draw aggro onto yourself. The first 2 reasons are obvious, and yes there have been many times a last minute frozen blast has saved my life, however if you are aiming to freeze an enemy this skill really should be used only in party play because you will be aggroed so its best to freeze a mob already being attacked. Sometimes however you'll want to distract a mob away from your friend and this skill will help getting him on you instead.

3. Rain Casting - Perhaps the only one of these wind alchemy skills that isn't affect by wind alchemy mastery. However it IS affected by the type of cylinder you are wielding. Rain casting at rank 1 causes the mobs under the cloud to not aggro any new targets if left unprovoked, combining this along with flame burst will essentially allow you to kill mobs without even being noticed. It also shoots lightning that can reset an enemy's aggro. Moreover it also acts as a weather changer in terms of production giving you a thunderstorm bonus.

4. Shock - I'm sure everyone's heard of this skill by now and perhaps seen it used in action. Most players rank it however for the master title which gives an amazing 15 max dmg. The skill itself however does chip damage, however its true purpose is the utility of the skill just like every other wind alchemy skill. Shock forces even most "unstunnable" enemies to be stunned, and at rank 1 the stun lasts for 1.5 seconds. Shock also much like frozen blasts draws aggro but only when it discharges, so unlike frozen blast, you can cast shock on an ally or even a pet and have it draw aggro. Perfect for tanky giants with wind guard to make use of their skill~

5. Life Drain - This skill applies as all four elements therefore i will include it in this guide. Life drain is heals your health while damaging an opponent and forcing them to walk and in the end knocks the enemy back. Its load time however means that you cant use it while being mobbed. However the skill CAN be used while knocked down. You can use this skill most easily after a wind blast as the space provided will give you enough time to load the skill and prevent them from walking too close to you. This skill does great damage for what it does and in fact the draining portion of the skill ignores an enemy's invincibility/magic shields. The only draw backs to this skill really is it's loading time and the amount of crystals you have in your inventory.

(guide is still a work in progress.)
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