Episode 1: Now this is a paradise!

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Episode 1: Now this is a paradise! Empty Episode 1: Now this is a paradise!

Post  Fissrasuren's Magnitude on Tue Sep 10, 2013 9:50 pm

Episode 1: Now this is a paradise!
Scene 1: Taillteann and after the events of Generation 1.
Characters: Residents, Cynwrig, Adonneil.

Phase at Lugh Statue then pan towards the main characters, who are talking at the square.

Cynwrig: You know what Adonneil, I could care less if Tir Na Nog is a paradise or not, all this respect for our race is good enough for me.
Adonneil: Yeah especially when you consider the paranoia and all, just glad it didn't break out into hysteria.
Adonneil: Anyways, if this keeps up then i will have to meet the guy who did all of this. Pretty lucky to have even met the Goddess too you know.
Cynwrig: Speaking of the Goddess, I've been thinking about serving as a Paladin, now that they don't have as much fear for us. I don't really know why they would have fear for us, considering the Goddess is responsible for us.
Adonneil: Well if you're going to do that i might as well do it too, we are rivals after all.
Cynwrig: Then we might as well see which one of us is really ready for this then, we are rivals after all!

-Adonneil and Cynwrig walk equal paces from each other for a duel. Adonneil has a broadsword and kite shield equipped and Cynwrig has a dagger and longsword on either hand.

Cynwrig: I just want you to know one thing, i'm more than ready to not even let you lay a hand on me, especially with my new ability!
Adonneil: As if your cooking knife could scratch me!

-Cynwrig charges at Adonneil, swinging his dagger and longsword furiously at her, each hit being transferred into Adonneil's shield and stunning her. She then regains some balance and defends the next hit. She then slashes at Cynwrig and effectively knocks him down. She then jumps and slams down her sword on him, almost beating him. In response, Cynwrig then performs his new skill and teleports to her, slashing her constantly until she goes down. The duels ends.

Adonneil: *breathing heavily* That is a pretty new skill you got there, almost reminds me of something i have seen before...
Cynwrig: No that ended differently, anyways it is called Final Hit, I managed to increase my speed to instant teleportation.
Adonneil: Guess i'll have to keep practicing then. We should start going to Tir Chonaill, they plan to hold a dungeon raid in honor of the new Hero.

They begin to walk towards Siliab Cuilin and as they pass by residents they are greeted warmly and with respect.

Scene 2: Outside of Ciar Dungeon in preparation of a Raid.
Characters: Hero, Adonneil, Cynwrig, Septu, Adventurers.

Cynwrig and Adonneil strike up a conversation with 2 other adventurers as they finally reached their destination.

Cynwrig: Good thing we got here in time, it almost hit dusk too.
Adonneil: Mhm, but it doesn't look like many people gathered though.
Cynwrig: That doesn't matter so long as we have the slayer of a god. More than anything i'm just excited to even be here!
Adventurer 1: Here comes the God slayer himself then!

-The Hero, unnamed yet as he prefers to call himself Anonymous, walks out of the lobby of Ciar Dungeon, to greet fellow adventurers.

Anonymous: I wouldn't be surprised if many didn't make it, the path is dangerous for some. Anyways in honor of my victory along with Septu here, we are holding a slaughtering of these accursed Fomors, and to keep our reputation with the Tuatha de Dananns. Septu if you don't mind with the introductions.
Septu: Of course. As you can all see we are facing the entrance to a infamous dungeon! Since there are not many people with us, we will split into parties of two! I suggest you guys organize yourselves before we try to go in, I will lead one party and Anonymous will lead another.
Adonneil: I hope we get paired up with the Hero then, right Cynwrig?
Cynwrig: Anything to show my potential i hope!
Septu: Everyone's organized then? Good! What's your name, the one with the kite shield?
Adonneil: Adonneil.
Septu: Good i'll be leading your party then!
Anonymous: I hope to see you all make it through the end then! just be careful of the Golem, these crafty fomors have been able to use magic to bring piles of stone to life, so be cautious!

Both parties of three begin to walk into the dungeon and offer something to the statue, teleporting into separate areas of the infinite dungeon.

Adonneil, Cynwrig, and Septu cut through many of the rooms and take a rest, their equipment bloodied by the blood of goblins.

Cynwrig: So Septu, what does it take to be a pretty good swordsman, no, not even, how about a paladin?
Septu: You know i'm not sure... Me and Anonymous go way back actually. He helped me establish my skill too.
Adonneil: How far back are we talking about?
Septu: Since I came to this wor-

Suddenly, the gates from the preceding rooms and the rooms ahead lock, caused by goblins who activated the chest. They being to pour into the room with the three.

Septu: Shit! Stand ground, I've got this.

Septu pulls out his Claymore with a golden hilt and silver blade. Clad in his armor, he begins to slash at the goblins on one entrance, even hitting as much as three at a time. The goblins do not retaliate defensively, easily losing out to him, and don't even injure him mortally, for the thick plating he has. Goblins begin to pour in from the other side of the room, where Cynwrig and Adonneil are. Prompted, Cynwrig activates final hit, killing each goblin that passes him by with lightning flash speed and reckless damage. Adonneil is scared by the immediate encroach of enemies, and stays towards the corner, her shield covering her whole body. The bloodshed ends, as Cynwrig teleports and hacks off the last enemy with his longsword.

Septu: Is everyone alright? You need more practice Adonneil.
Cynwrig: don't talk to her for now, she had a rough time...
Septu: ah i s-
Septu: I'm sorry but i need to do, it is urgent.
Cynwrig: what is it?
Septu: It is Anonymous, somethings wrong, the fomors might have seen this coming!
Septu: look take these weapons, i never got good with them. Get to the end of the dungeon! Just try not to get hurt alright?

Septu hands two battle swords to Cynwrig and a peculiar looking blade for Adonneil.

Cynwrig: What's the other weapon supposed to be?
Septu: No time, but it came from the Royal Family of Emain, they gave it to Anonymous as a reward for his efforts and he gave it to me, I couldn't use it well.

Septu disappears in front of Cynwrig and appears at the lobby, offering the same item Anonymous offered to the statue.

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Episode 1: Now this is a paradise! Empty Episode 2: The Power Within

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Scene 1: Ciar Dungeon
Characters: Adonneil and Cynwrig

Cynwrig: Snap out of it! They're dead.
Adonneil: It all just happened so fast, like that day...
Cynwrig: It's alright, look we need to clear this dungeon, luckily we took a break near the boss rooom.
Adonneil: I picked up this key in the midst of that mess by the way.
Cynwrig: Good, we can go to the boss room then!

Both of them make their way towards the towering lock placed on the gate. The gate opens, and the monsters have teleported in.

Cynwrig: What's the big idea with the big rock anwyays? All i see are a bunch of skeletons.
Adonneil: Don't you listen? Anonymous said it should be a golem, we should drag out the skeletons or the golem, so choose.
Cynwrig: Alright we'll drag the golem out then.

A flame begins to erupt from Cynwrig's body and turns into a firebolt, he runs towards the golem and launches it at the golem and begins to run away into the smaller room.

Adonneil: Ahh!!!
Cynwrig: Damn this thing moves really fast!

The Golem erupts through the gate and into the room and pulverizes Cynwrig by swinging a rocky limb at him, crushing him and disabling him.

Adonneil: CYNWRIG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Adonneil: I just wanted to get out of here...
Adonneil: I lost my best friend!
Adonneil: You disgusting fomorian magic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Adonneil erupts and summons a phoenix familiar from her own rage and revives Cynwrig and melts away the Golem and the Skeletons in the other room. She faints from extreme exhaustion and looks very gaunt. Cynwrig does not go to the Soul Stream but is also unconcious still.

Scene 2: Another area of Ciar Dungeon
Characters: Septu, Anonymous, Belmirn

Anonymous seems lifeless on the cobblestone floor of the dungeon next to a advanced golem. Septu arrives, knowing what he has to do.

Septu: Mhm... If only i didn't have to do this again...

Anonymous begins to evaporate into the air, and begins to be absorbed by the Soul Stream. A flashback begins.

Septu: RIGHT!

Septu smashes a gargoyle and then defends for an incoming attack. He blocks the attack, slashes the gargoyle and smashes right after that, loading counterattack for the final gargoyle, who dies from the backlash. Septu runs towards all three passes and drops one near Belmirn.

Glas loads his laser and instantly knocks out Belmirn, however he gets back up grabs a pass and burns it on the pre-lit campfire.

Belmirn: Septu, I have this.

Belmirn rushes towards Glas with immunity from the Goddess and murders Glas, but in the process gets killed.

Septu: NO!!!

Septu rushes towards the cold body and sees it disappear... Flashback ends.

Septu: I'm not mad that i have to tell you everything again you know, it's just that i hate knowing you do actually die, unlike the rest of us...

Septu drops a sheet of paper on the floor of cold dungeon. Written on it says Miln, the name given to this body Anonymous currently had.

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Episode 1: Now this is a paradise! Empty Episode 3: The Friendship between Two.

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Scene 1: Forest of Souls
Characters: Septu, Belmirn, Tin

Belmirn materializes on the platform that is connected to the Soul Stream. He talks with Tin about the usual that he does. He then notices a new Milletiann going through the training process Tin normally has newcomers do.

Belmirn: Who's the new one Tin?
Tin: The usual it seems, at least he asked about my helmet.
Belmirn: He doesn't look like any other I've seen.
Tin:Well he does have spirit anyways.

Belmirn finishes talking with Tin and approaches Septu.

Belmirn: You're very hot-headed aren't you?
Septu: No i'm not! And i don't need your help either alright?!
Belmirn: Don't get rough with me now, I'm only saying you should take a break.

Septu continues to ignore Belmirn

(Finishing later)

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Episode 1: Now this is a paradise! Empty Re: Episode 1: Now this is a paradise!

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