[Burningsky]-Left Behind

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[Burningsky]-Left Behind

Post  Burningsky on Thu Oct 31, 2013 3:10 pm

help me.

My voice echoed in the void, streaked by flashes of static and darkness. Putting my ear down to the cold stone floor and holding back tears as the cold shadow realm rain beat down like hammers on my cold soaked hair and clothes. Heart beating slowly, on the precipice of giving up in a hopeless circumstance.

Because I had been left behind.

The fierce glow of the red Ladeca sky beat down, giving an ethereal madness to the Shadow Tara skyline. It had been weeks since we began the mission, weeks since my guild members had left me- struggling to survive in a lost mission. I finally let go of my restraints, and let the shadow realm rain strangle my sadness out of me.

I still remember the big block letters of MISSION FAILED appear on the mission scroll. We had been sent to investigate the shadow alchemists in Shadow Cast City, where hordes of the Fomors were gathering en masse.

Our guild was full of confusion- one wanted to shoot at the fomors from behind the windows of the now-empty tara shops. Another wanted to run in for a melee of metal-on-flesh. And i had just waited for resolution, which never came. Our time ran out, and the shadow realm had forced us Milletians out of the world of which we never belonged in. Except.. I couldn't leave.

Just like I couldn't follow my guild mates, I could not follow them to safety. Instead, the screen flashed with white static.

Something is terribly wrong

my heartbeat speeds up as shadows become darker, become thicker and more real-

They were coming.

A battalion of archers ambush me, with pointed bows stretched to the point at which they might break.

The fighters rush at me with their shoulders, throwing me to the floor where a thousand lances beat the ground where my head had been nary half a second before, leaving my blood to drip over the cold stone floor.

In a burst of panic, I whistle for my dragon- a companion who had always helped me in times of need.

The same white static came back, crushing my hopes like the lancers had done with the floor.

Desperate, I used techniques passed down for generations- the storm of the desert, windmill.

Waves upon waves of the horde had been pushed back, but left no clear opening in the endless sea of fomor. Running towards the Shadow realm castle, using the windmill to cut a path through the relentless fomors.

I'm surrounded by things that want to kill me

Once i had enough time to hide, I invoked the elven skill, hide. By focusing my mind, I could avoid detection for days, or even weeks if I had to. Feeling safe for the first time since entering the mission, I waited. Many times did Eweca rise, and many times did it set, restoring my mana a bit every day. But the strain of the mana cost was burdening my mind, ticking slowly to an untimely demise of mental exhaustion.

Which leads me back to the cold stone floor.

My mana has run out.

And that was the end, as I hit my limit.

The fomors surrounded me at the Tara square, and with no will to fight, I had surrendered myself after a week of resistance.

In slow motion, I watched the pointed ends of arrows and spears fly at me, almost like falling through the sky and watching skyscrapers grow nearer and nearer.

I closed my eyes wishing, wishing for it to be over

A bow sings out in the distance, making a whoosh sound and crashing into several enemies.

I opened my eyes to see my rescuers

And found myself staring at my guildies

And myself

Relief turns to a renewed sense of danger

I don't understand..

I thought as a long sword finds its way into my heart. A single thrust and a critical smash brings darkness back to my eyes.


My tattered clothes break down into tattered robes

I faced myself-Burningsky.

"This one actually has some self-awareness?" She asked to my- her guildmates
"Doppelgangers are just mobs. There's no way nexon would spend time on developing something as complex as self-aware ai lol" Flamexel said with a bemused expression

I felt anger, betrayal
I'm not the real one?

"I feel sorry for it.. it looks like it's in pain" I-She said to me, whoever and whatever I was.

My self awareness bleeds away. My limbs no longer exist.
But I still feel.

Melting into the shadows, becoming less dark, less solid.

I want to... live

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Re: [Burningsky]-Left Behind

Post  Ecchirose on Sun Nov 10, 2013 12:17 am

I vote for Kevin~ I like stuff like this :3

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Re: [Burningsky]-Left Behind

Post  Toshiku on Mon Nov 11, 2013 9:52 am

I also vote for Kevin.

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Re: [Burningsky]-Left Behind

Post  Flamexel on Mon Nov 11, 2013 6:45 pm

/Vote but why am I always some sorta asshat in your guys stories...qq

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Re: [Burningsky]-Left Behind

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