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Post  Suffox on Thu Oct 31, 2013 9:41 pm

Suffix- The Grave Death

              The heavy steps on the ground that made the dust blow across the cemetery got lower and lower. The cemetery fog came out once again to blind anyone that crosses it's path. As quick as Astralblue came, he ran for his life, for the man with the knife continued his rampage after him. The knife covered in blood and mud was there for one reason only, to claim his life. Astral began to pick up speed starting to panic to get away, but he only came to a dead end.
             The gate keeping him from leaving was to high to climb, he was trapped. The red shine of the knife covered in blood began to sparkle through the fog as astral crouched behind a stone and laid there hoping for the man to leave. Trying to catch his breath and also trying to prevent himself from letting out any sound, he sat there quietly behind the stone. Little did he notice there was a stain of blood covering the name of the grave stone. He couldn't see the name because if he stuck his head to far out he would surely be seen.                                                                                                                    
                               Astral began to panic once again, then suddenly he felt a sharp pain in his shoulder. He looked up and saw the man with the knife stuck in his shoulder. The man was wearing  a blood stained, torn janitor's costume. His face expression was nothing but a mental smile.  Quickly thinking, Astral pulled the knife out and ran as fast as his injured body  could go. With one hand on his shoulder, he ran past the blood stained grave stone and in which ever direction he could get to.
               The wound spreading as he ran was only getting worse. The blood dripped onto the floor behind him as he continued. He finally himself to  an open crossroad about an hour later. While mindlessly choosing  a random path, he also thought to himself, '' Why is this happening?''. ''Who is this man?'' While pondering to himself a hand is placed on his shoulder. Astral quickly turns around and smacks the mysterious person in the head. The person fell to the floor and Astral's face expression turned from scared to somewhat- relieved. The person on the floor was Toshiku. Astral with a look of confusion in his face, asked why she was here. She replied by smacking him back.  

      Astral backed off a little and laid his hand on his wound, squeezing it to stop the bleeding. Toshiku noticed the wound and asked him what happened. Astral explained the situation and a Toshiku couldn't fully believe it.  She asked him why he was at the cemetery so late at night.  He told her that he had some business there.

          Suddenly an object came spinning out of no where. It hit Toshiku right in the head and stood stuck in her skull. It was the knife that had struck Astral's shoulder. Astral with panic took one look at her fall to the ground and head off down the path.

             Astral ran as fast as he could. The speed he was running at only increased the size of his wound. He was panicking  more than ever.  Astral kept running as the fog increased and he couldn't see. He ended up not knowing where he was at all. His vision was blurring and his heart was racing. He couldn't take it anymore. After looking around enough he finally realized where he was, back at the cemetery, at the grave stone stained in blood. He walked up to it and read the writing. The name was ''RIH Astralblue''. The engravement said ''Your time has come''.

              Suddenly Astral was struck in the back by the knife. He fell to the ground and blood spurred out of him. Behind him was the murderer who had been following him. In his hand was Toshiku's body being dragged across the floor, with a blood trail leading behind it. The man walked up to Astral, pulled the knife out of him, and stabbed it right through his head. Astral took one gag and died on his grave. The man threw Toshiku's body on top of Astral and walked away. The man ripped off a tight skin mask on his face revealing who he really was. Astral's ex-girlfriend, Suffix.


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[Suffix] - The Grave Death Empty Halloweenie eventie

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I vote for Ross!!!!! clown 


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[Suffix] - The Grave Death Empty Re: [Suffix] - The Grave Death

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[Suffix] - The Grave Death Empty Re: [Suffix] - The Grave Death

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