Guildie of The Week! (Rules/Info)

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Guildie of The Week! (Rules/Info) Empty Guildie of The Week! (Rules/Info)

Post  Toshiku on Sun Nov 10, 2013 12:26 am

Guildie of The Week

GoTw is a new Athena weekly event designed to reward our members for their efforts and achievements both in and around the guild as well as their own progress in Mabinogi.

Once per week on Saturday, a winner shall be chosen who has completed a combination or vast amount of one (or more) of the following requirements:

-Set themselves in-game goals and completed them! (such as finishing all daily seal quests, everyday)
-Achieved skill ranks such as R1 Windmill
-Organized & ran guild events
-Organized guild dungeon/shadow mission/theatre/commerce runs on a regular basis
-Generally helpful within the guild
-Responding to and helping people in the Guildie Hot-list

Rules/how it's judged

-One person can win week after week if they meet the requirements
-Some weeks will be vote orientated (you cannot vote for yourself)
-Must talk about your rank/in-game goals in the guild chat or/and on the forum (this helps with recognition of your work)
-Will be purely judged on the requirements listed above
-Will not be judged based on how active a person is

I hope you all enjoy this new weekly event once it begins!

Any questions, ask me in-game!

Start date for this has NOT been decided yet. Check back here for updates on that!

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