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Future NA Mabi Content

Post  Astralblue on Thu Sep 04, 2014 7:24 pm

I'm making this thread so you guildies can know what's going to get possibly updated in Mabi. Everything that I'm putting will be in order based on the release date of Mabi KR.

Treasure Hunter: The 5th Hero Talent that comes after Culinary Artist. To get this Hero Talent Title, you need to be a Master Adventurer/Merchant/Gunslinger.

-Exploration Mastery(Life skill):
Total AP needed: 111 AP
Total added stats: +15 MP, +47 HP, +62 Will and +16 Luck
Skill Description: Boosted exp gained from fighting monsters while exploring, finding ruins using L-Rods, sketching ruins, and doing any exploration quests.

-Artifact Restoration(Life skill):
Total AP needed: 141 AP
Total added stats: +16 MP and +25 Luck
Skill Description: Allows the restoration of artifacts, increases the value of artifacts, increases the chance of successfully restoring an artifact, decreases the cost of restoring an artifact and decreases the cooldown of the skill.

-Emergency Escape(Combat skill):
Total AP needed: 112 AP
Total added stats: +15 Dex and +25 Will
Skill Description: Turns the user into a transformation that allows them to not be attacked by monsters (drops aggro momentarily), increases the time the user can stay hidden, decreases skill cooldown.

-New versions of Iria dungeons will be available only to the players with r6 or above Exploration Mastery. Those dungeons have puzzle elements to them. In those dungeons, players can find artifacts that they can restore to receive exp and gold.
-The Exploration level cap is now raised to 50.
-The Exploration leveling formula has been changed. It is now harder to level up exploration at the beginning (up to exploration level 22), however it gets easier to level up once you get to exploration level 23. The amount of exp needed to reach exploration level 30 is equivalent to reach exploration level 36-37 in the revamped version.

Oracle Sun Road Colt (check the link below to see an image of the new weapon)

-This weapon functions as a Dual Gun as well as a L-Rod
-Can be created through Hillwen Engineering
-To see the stats on this check the following link: http://wiki.mabinogiworld.com/view/Sun_Prophet_Colt

Ancient Mana Bullet
-Gives +20 max damage
-Can be created using Magic Craft r8+
-Stackable up to 2000
-A special item is needed to create this (Not sure of the name)
-The amount of bullets created per material is unknown currently

Treasure Hunter Clothing(Boots/Gloves/Outfit)

Woc Dungeon

-It's a dungeon that has 5 rooms. 4 rooms are puzzle rooms and the 5th room is the boss room. Clearing this dungeon and getting the chest is supposed to give you some rare item (need more info).
-You can only access this dungeon when you have r6+ Exploration Mastery.

NOTICE: According to Sabina, this update should be coming up really soon.


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