Connous arena team match event

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Connous arena team match event Empty Connous arena team match event

Post  Suffox on Sat Sep 27, 2014 12:57 pm

The event I was thinking of was that there would be  a 5 on 5 team match in the connous arena. There will a referee which will be whoever doesn't want to participate in the fighting part. The teams will be chosen by me to give you all the best match possible and the fairest. The match will be on 3% with all players from each team starting behind the walls pointed out by the referee. Both teams will start off on the opposite parts of the arena and when the match starts all players will work together to win.

To participate in the event and also contribute to the prize i was thinking all players donate 200k each. The total balance of the prize should come to 2m. Which ever team wins will have the 2m split between them  giving 400k each. The main point of the event is to have fun. Losing players may receive a random item of my choice. ( it won't be poop)

There will be rules to ensure that everyone has it fair. Since it is going to be a 5vs5 not many people should have a problem killing each other. Each player is allowed to help kill another when the chance is given. Everything excluded is ( potting, manashield, demigod, trans of  any kind, spam(which i don't see happening with 5 people on  each team), poison of any kind.

Give your thoughts on this and please state in the comments if you can attend so i can pick the best date. The date i currently have planned is next week on saturday at 6pm pst.

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Connous arena team match event Empty Re: Connous arena team match event

Post  Astralblue on Sat Sep 27, 2014 1:06 pm

I'll attend for because I need that Journal Achievement.


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