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Post  Shizuhara on Mon May 14, 2012 3:13 pm

Interface Woes: Top 10 Mabinogi20120503003

In short, when it comes to computer games, "Interface = Fun." A game with a well-constructed interface will be easy to learn, fun to play and stand up well to experimentation and increasing expertise. A poorly designed interface will be an exercise in frustration that will likely put off gamers from playing a game, and may well discourage them from purchasing other products by the same developer. - David Krieger

10. Tailoring eats extra mats.

In the early generations of Mabinogi, players were allowed to tailor items that were in their temporary inventory. This was especially helpful since each material has to have its own slot to sit in mid-process. For example, If your High Class Leather Armor pattern calls for leather, silk and fabric, you need 3 2x2 squares for said materials in addition to the 3 2x2 squares for the materials you aren't using at that second. That's 24 non-negotiable squares of inventory.
Once items in temporary inventory could no longer be worked no, you now had to prepare an additional 4x2 space for the armor itself, bringing your total to 32 (out of 60 total). If you were working on a similar item for a Clothing Shop part-time job and had to make two of them, the dedicated inventory almost doubles.
The root of the problem? If you place a stack of material into the tailoring window instead of the number it calls for, the entire stack will be consumed, unlike most other production skills. If this weren't so, the skill would require only half the current space for materials, making it far easier to manage.

Interface Woes: Top 10 Lassar
9.) Lassar's Classroom. (fixed angle dilemma)

In the cozy town of Tir Chonaill, where youngsters spend their time watching sheep and killing spiders the size of houses, there is a one-room school house with visually appealing decor. Unfortunately, no one can seem to get from one end to the other without banging their sides on the table half a dozen times.
The problem? While the classroom looks great, when player attempts to move through the narrow passages, they get 'stuck.' This likely occurs because it's nearly impossible to route a straight line from point A to point B thanks to the camera. Not even auto-pathing can figure it out half the time, even in the case of Stewart's classroom in Dunbarton where he's less than five feet from the doorway. Whether the viewpoint is unlocked or more space is added to the rooms, a remodeling is in order.

Interface Woes: Top 10 Stewartp
8.) Dunbarton School.

While flying is still unavailable in most of Uladh, Devcat somewhat recently allowed players to at least zoom out further whilst crawling along the ground. As expected, some things that were never intended to be seen have cropped up.
One of the more frustrating cases is Dunbarton School, where being zoomed out a moderate distance will root your perspective firmly in the walls, where nothing can be seen.
Worse yet, once you manage to maneuver, the incredibly large doors to the library and classroom and auto-camera adjustment upon leaving either make it difficult to get out without accidentally going back in.
The problem is outdated design. The school needs an update to retain its ease of travel with the new zoom standard. While they're at it, they should also look at reducing the size of the doors or at least disabling the portal if your camera is behind it, so you don't re-enter when trying to go forward and away.

Interface Woes: Top 10 Weatherr
7.) Weather Clock.

A recent addition, this gadget is in the same school of thought as the in-game clock; while not included at launch, it was eventually implemented so that players would not feel forced to look outside of the game so much for in-game events.
The problem? The pictures correspond to when the indicated weather ends instead of begins. While it doesn't render the device unusable, it's certainly counter-intuitive.

6.) Production Bags.

These were a real godsend, especially given the inventory pains players already suffered from. However, their design wasn't fully thought out, and thus they're somewhat frustrating to use. The problem? Designated material will automatically go into the bag, but in order to retrieve it, the player must take out a small chunk at a time. For example, it is impossible to remove more than 5 wool from a wool bag at once, or more than 5 cobwebs from a cobweb pouch. Since 5 is the amount necessary to produce the next level material, this sort of works out...but why not make the automatic amount 5 then?
Alternatively, the bags could use an 'empty all' method, since the fastest way to load them up would be to not have them in the bag in the first place. Players will still be able to hold more than normal, but when it comes time to produce they won't be hindered.

Interface Woes: Top 10 Chatlock
5.) NPCs lack an exit chat button.

A few NPCs are so interesting, that players probably don't mind being locked in conversation with them. The rest, however, sorely need a method to just break it off and walk away.
The problem? Some NPCs can glitch and forgo loading an 'end conversation' button, or don't offer it in the first place unless you choose something else first. You're not allowed to logout, so you must manually kill the client and restart if you wish to continue. Or, if they simply don't give the option, you must endure some idle chat or open a shop to escape. Mont's part-time job in Belvast is a prime example of this.

Interface Woes: Top 10 Refining
4.) Batchless Production Skills.

We're looking at you, refining. No one gains anything from spending a minute doing a five second job.
The problem? Certain skills (ie: Refining, Metal Conversion, Handicraft) will only make one item at a time, regardless of the materials provided. This means that making a stack of ingots takes twenty times as long as necessary. It also means that even minor conversions force the player through a mini-game with Metal Conversion.

Interface Woes: Top 10 Voightlk
3.) Voight's Artifact Restoration.

Before rafting and wyverns, and after if you lack powerful ranged attacks, Voight's artifact restoration was the go-to place for exploration leveling. The premise is simple: Gather artifacts from around Cor and bring them to him to get ripped off since you have no idea what they're worth.
The problem? In addition to his questionable taste in clothing and brusque manners, he insists on making you ask each time you want an artifact restored, appraised or sold. A simple 'shut up and take all my artifacts' should suffice. After dealing with instantly de-spawning chests and giant, hundred legged creatures, getting rewarded shouldn't be a chore.

2.) Handicraft is auto-produce immune.

It's telling when a skill makes this list repeatedly, but lacks much use in everyday situations.
The problem this time? Due to several items using the same materials, just in different amounts, it is impossible to auto-produce most of them due to the skill defaulting to a certain one if ample materials are loaded. Trying to choose a craft after loading materials ejects them all from the window. Really, did this skill need to be any more frustrating?

Interface Woes: Top 10 Blacknm
1.) Stage Fright.

You've answered Denmark's call to arms, knowing full well that it means fighting to your death, by sword or cold. You are the last of your legion and an avalanche of snow trolls is crashing towards your position. You stand up, holding up your weapon in one final, resolute gesture...when suddenly, your vision is blocked by a poorly placed stage prop and the trolls proceed to eat you alive.
Since theater missions were released after the zoom increase and are a major part of several generational storylines, it boggles the mind that such a crippling oversight went unfixed. The problem? At many angles, a player's vision is completely cut off by who knows what, leading to an unpleasant, untimely and undeserved death. The problem is also prevalent in forest dungeons, Runda, and elsewhere.

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Interface Woes: Top 10 Empty Re: Interface Woes: Top 10

Post  Zephy on Mon May 14, 2012 7:09 pm

I could name more but I don't where to start.


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Interface Woes: Top 10 Empty Re: Interface Woes: Top 10

Post  Shizuhara on Tue May 15, 2012 10:02 pm

Name glitches instead, I want to do a top 10 on those.

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