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Copypaste from faceboook

by Kevin Seng on Wednesday, September 5, 2012 at 6:27pm ·

The day begins at midnight
Taking the fight
To another day
Paving the way

With the echoing resolves
Of Yesterday
The world still revolves,
The world still stays.

The dream world has sunk
Into the mires of unconsciousness.
Going down with a plunk
In the waters of forgetfulness.

Time moves forward,
And time moves back.
One problem heard,
And two to attack.

Time changes everything
Body and mind
And we can never find the things
We left behind

A distant instant looms on the sky
Biting back tears,
Biting back goodbyes.
Leave my fears

Alone on the windowsill,
But I'm still awake.
I've stopped shaking, quiet and still
The moonlight pours and breaks

Out on the floor,
A voice calls out
"No more, no more"
A voice becomes a shout-

Hurting all I care about
Hold my demons in
Until they get out,
Diminishing my sins,

It's not my fault-
It's not my fault.
I can't be allowed to feel,
My wounds can't heal,

I might hurt someone-
I will hurt someone.
We'll all fall down
Because of my mistakes.

The instant ends,
My words drip out.
I talk to my friend,
Take a different route.

Nip, nape
If the body feels,
The body heals.

Step slide,
Hover, hide
Drop, dive
Let out the times you cried.

Pain is meant to hurt,
Pain is meant to be heard.
It might hurt me,
But truthfully,

It'd hurt you more,
And beyond closed doors
Is a brighter day,
With more to say.

More than
"It's not my fault"
More than words have ever said,
More than the living, and more than the dead.

A fear goes down my spine
I throw out words to quell the fear,
But in the end I'm lying.
The sounds grate against my ears-

I'm afraid too.
I'm sick of being strong,
I want to be true,
I want the chance to be wrong.

No matter what path I may take
I beg you to stay awake.
A million years might pass away,
A million people might pass away,

But I'll wait here
For you to wake up.
Breathe in the atmosphere
Wait here, safe and snug

It's late at night.
And everyone's asleep.
But the day begins at midnight-
And I breathe in deep.

I'm waiting under stars,
Watching my silent companion.
I'm still awake,
And the night is far too silent.

We used to take walks under moonlight,
And chat about what's right.
We fought back evils
And started to reveal

Little things about ourselves.
Maybe sleeping beauty never woke up.
But regardless,
The Narrator is still awake.

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