Introduction, The long way.

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Introduction, The long way. Empty Introduction, The long way.

Post  Burningsky on Wed Nov 28, 2012 5:51 am

Hey guys. You might've talked to me before, but I haven't really introduced myself.
Well, I may have started to tell you about it, but there's more to it than that.

I started playing mabinogi because of my friend meg, AKA Airheart, who stopped playing awhile ago.

She texted me on my way home from a track meet (wasn't always a video game nerd) telling me how cool mabi was etc..

It took me a night to download the client, but I played the next morning. Meg told me I had to play an elf so we could start in the same area, but I made a separate account to learn the basics.

My first character, Hiroisora was a trap. Liked watching the way it moved, and I didn't really project my sense of self into it. Not my name, not me.

Finished first dungeon, got 2k, felt like a millionaire.
It was 7AM in the morning when the client was done though, so I had to go to school (junior year of HighSchool)

Later that day, I made another account to play with Meg. Created Burningsky, on account of the recent triangle fires that happened on the news.

This one was different. I put in my insecurities, my hopes, my anger, my desire to fight, and my perceptions of the future into that name. Burning with injustice, with a desire to change the world, on the distant skies of tomorrow. That's why burningsky.

Being.. elves we had horrible melee and being... noobs missed a good 50% of our shots. So I did quests and tried to level, got icebolt and fell in love with it's burst damage (I ranked it to C, so I could burst for about 120 shooting all the bolts)

I did dungeons like that, charging up 5 icebolts and shooting one when someone missed and couldn't deal with aggro. Mana was always an issue but I could melee to stall for time.

I was pretty frustrated with that though. When I had time, I would make alternate characters, and try different skillsets, human archery, elf melee, giant melee, etc.

On one of these runs, I had a human called bloodhaze, and we were doing the Falcon quest at Karu with some friends. 5 floors was a long time back then, and people kept dropping because we ran out of phoenix feathers and went too negative to keep going.

Eventually I was the only one left, on the third floor. Meg had to go too, because her mom wanted her to go to sleep.

I soloed those two floors, wounded at 10 hp, vest and pants set, character gorged from eating too many meat slices, and dual wielding two broadswords. I got past floor three, dropped one broadsword on a death on floor 4 and onehanded my way through the rest of floor 4 and 5.

Waited at the boss like a boss, texted Meg asking her what item she dropped, and told her to come ch7 and drop it

I liked that feeling of achievement. I was horrible, at 31 total/current and -80%, but it's still one of my proudest achievements.

There's a lot more to the story obviously, but it's going to take awhile to recount the important bits.
This was the first week of my 3.5 years..

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Introduction, The long way. Empty Re: Introduction, The long way.

Post  Kamikazex91 on Wed Nov 28, 2012 6:59 am

Very detailed of your first week experience in Mabi. it was interesting to read. Keep it going.

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Introduction, The long way. Empty Re: Introduction, The long way.

Post  Burningsky on Wed Nov 28, 2012 7:17 am

About a week later, me and meg went on an adventure through iria. On foot, from filia.

Sometimes things aggroed us on the way, sometimes they were scary and killed us. We'd ressurect each other and continue walking, away from the creatures of the wild.

Eventually we crossed the landbridge into Karu Forest. At that time, the sounds of the desert melted away and all this.. life, vibrancy, and new mobs appeared. It was new to me and caught my eye. Anyway, Meg decided it'd be cute to mount one of the horses, which carried her away from me. Being a noob, I tried to mount an ostrich as it ran away, but failed, leaving me feeling powerless.

I ran after her at elf speed, screaming "I'LLLLL SAAAAAAAAAAVE YOOOOOOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU" in allchat. Eventually the horses stopped, but it felt like we'd been apart for an eternity... since we had already crossed an entire map together.

That image kind of summarizes my early mabinogi life. I followed other people, and what they wanted to do.

She never told me where we were going. But after a long, long, walk on foot, we reached rano beach.

The waves came in and out

And we talked about life.

She told me she liked me-
And I told her I liked her too.

But we stayed friends
For awhile.

Talking on Rano beach
With the excitement of knowing each others' secrets.

The game was
Real to me
During those moments.

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Introduction, The long way. Empty Re: Introduction, The long way.

Post  Kamikazex91 on Wed Nov 28, 2012 7:32 am

That innocence and adventure is so rare in Mabi nowadays. I smiled on that 4th paragraph, where u wanted to save her. It was funny and "cutesy innocent" lol.

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Introduction, The long way. Empty Re: Introduction, The long way.

Post  Burningsky on Mon Dec 17, 2012 4:35 am

We formed a guild, back then.


Burningsky, Nicama, Bergauk, Daarling

Sky the weak elf who is hard to catch (lolhumans)

Bergauk the tanky melee elf who hits things with warhammers.

Nicama the glass cannon who hits crazy hard.

Daarling the fashionista who is wearing valencia armors at total 30 because she's rich from nx-bought gold.

It was all childsplay.

My fighting style was what i liked most. The others would spam melee attacks all the time, ranking smash for nic and Bearr, defense for Bergauk, and icebolt for me.

In our group, I was a DPS as well as an aggro controller- 5 bolts of ice, each 100 damage, able to manipulate the AI of 5 different monsters. Of course, this inevitably brought tons of aggro on me, but it was better than letting my friends die.

Kobolds, goblins, whatever was out there. They wouldn't even touch my friends.

Of course, most of the time my guild never caught on- the goblins would walk past them, and they would take a few seconds to stop running and give chase. By that time, I was either dead or dying, having around ~60 hp and no mana shield. It was okay though, usually I did enough damage to let everyone 1-to-1 the remaining mobs, and I usually ran around in newbie wear anyway.

I remember none of us could stop the ciar normal golem. We would all attack it at once, and all die once it used windmill. On our fifth try, we got it through a mix of firebolt-counter (me) and firebolt-mag-windmill, in a weird two human, two elf combination.

Around this time we started to buy pets. I got a shire, a falcon, and a polar bear. Being an idiot, and not reading the item description, I NPC'ed the dull weeding hoe and used it to store misc. drops. My bear was my sword so to speak, being an elf, I did horrible melee damage and was outclassed by my bear easily. But i imagined that I could simultaneously charge magic and melee attack through my bear- and it was this rapid pace that helped me to dungeon in the beginning.

Honestly, I thought I was better than my guildmates. They died more than me, though they hit harder, and could survive longer, given the same circumstances. I prided myself on skill, and had the most overblown ego.. sometimes I tried to teach my guildmates to play like I did, but they thought it was too slow, and fought their way... with no active skills.

Picked up meditation, did more damage, got a black robe and a black ostrich- and with its boost skill easily outran everyone else.

We were close, like nothing I've ever known.

There were only seven or eight of us in total, but it was something that changed my entire perspective on Mabinogi.

Childsplay- We were free to do whatever we wanted. Nic got into plenty of fights with other people, but got to know more of the other users. I had my head stuck in a dungeon almost all the time, seized with a desire for power..

Funny, my highest level before g9 was 35. I guess I just gave up after awhile.

Anyways, all things come to an end. Nic ran out of money for prem service, so out guildstone disbanded, Bergauk picked up the reigns and made the guild Mental, which i joined for awhile. Musiclife might've been in either Mental or Childsplay-he knew most of us, and we ended up duoing rabbie normal quite often. He was.. a good friend, back when most of my older ones were quitting.

Meg (Daarling) started disappearing one day, turns out that there was some shady bsns with webcams and nx going down with her and Bergauk. (Don't tell anyone about this, they're both my precious friends), and eventually she had to think about what the game meant to her, and what she was willing to do to show off in the game.

Nic wouldn't, or couldn't sign on to the game due to some drama she caused, as people would harass her as soon as she logged in and other things I didn't bother looking into.

Point is, people stopped playing around ~250 total level.

I still wouldn't quit.

I believed that they'd come back one day

That we'd continue to run dungeons, and have fun everyday

That's why I continued to run dungeons,
Walking alone through the cold dark halls.

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Introduction, The long way. Empty Re: Introduction, The long way.

Post  Burningsky on Mon Dec 17, 2012 5:13 am

While I was in Mental, an ad came up for a run of maiz gargoyle-

I had wanted to get falcon transformation, but as a solo player without a guild, I couldn't beat a sandworm, and resolved myself to assist a gargoyle expedition.

On one of these runs, I met a bunch of randoms, and an elf named Myrix.

Myrix and I didn't get along.
She was always defensive of her friends, who windmilled each other's mobs, causing them to lose health quickly, and didn't carry any potions. I tried healing, but eventually ran out of mana, causing me to rely on bows for aggro control over icebolts. They all died, and they took it in stride- dying was a part of their routine. I couldn't handle it; dying in the game was like dying in real life; I was so into the game, I almost equated the two.

She fell silent after I told why I was so frustrated with people dying, perhaps I looked like an arrogant snob.
We ended up giving up, as the first run was for a stone gargoyle pauldron or something of the sort, and I would have no more partying with the suicidal people of that run.

Later though, she invited me to run math dungeon with her and a friend.

We ended up running a lot of dungeons, and the list of people I played with expanded.

Zyphilia, who was always telling me what myrix was thinking.
Hurtfully, whose name alone made me scared of her, let alone her two-handed sword windmill and egoblunt. She bashed monsters real good.
Darkshasimi, who is my friend josh, and to this day only fights with basic attacks and final hit.
Limboman, who had proposed to Myrix many times.
NaomiHakuba, who was lesbian for Myrix.

I liked her a lot, actually.
But I had self-esteem issues, and didn't think anyone would like me
In the real world, in the game world, or otherwise.

I still have those issues.

I switched the quest to sketching field bosses, and had myrix, hurtfully, zyphilia etc. watching the channels. It was a different sort of cooperation. Not crutching on each other for strength, but each following their own path, and getting strong without inconveniencing others.

I did some more soloing.
Ended up dying in rabbie a couple times.

Myrix ran through three floors to resurrect me.

Another time, Me, Zyphilia, Naomihakuba, Myrix, and hurtfully ran barri-
Back in the days when elf hide made you invisible to other players.

Nao was acting weird all dungeon long, refusing to talk.
We finished the dungeon; Nao wouldn't leave. Zyph left immediately

Me and hurt stayed in the chest room. Nao told me to leave-

I did some sneaky shenanigans.
Left the party,
Walked to the statue,
used hide.
Effectively looked like I left, but I was eavesdropping in a creeperish way.

Me and my 200-mana pool, running out slowly, even with meditate on.
It was enough when they checked, but eventually I ran out of mana.

Hurt saw me in the chest room, started talking to thin air-
I replied in a pm.

drank a potion, stayed invisible.

It was then that i learned about Nao and Myrix.
Nao liked myrix,
It was one-sided.

They talked for about three mabi-days
Eventually hurt left

I had no one to talk to.

Eventually Nao ran out
not even myrix could make her feel better.

I actually ran out of mana right after nao left.

Myrix saw me

I played dead
It didn't work.

I liked her a lot.
Couldn't say it though
Cause i didn't want what we had to disappear.
I told Zyph
And she told me Myrix was waiting for me to make a move.
So I did the logic thing and asked her to marry me.
I'm really bad with this relationship stuff.
But I really liked her.

Meg came back
We reformed our guild.
I named it

A period of transitions
Almost able to do something, but not yet able
Holding back what I really wanted to say, but almost saying it

It sounded cool.
meg was leader, bergauk was sub-leader.
I was okay with it.

I am bad with people

Having the tendency to criticize them for their choices.

Anyway, that put some distance between us.

Myrix was Naglfar, I was Borderline.
And they're all gone now.

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Introduction, The long way. Empty Re: Introduction, The long way.

Post  Burningsky on Thu Apr 25, 2013 9:15 pm

There was a time when me and Myrix would run everything together. Me, Zyph, Nao, Myrix and hurt, and sometimes the residents of Naglfar and Zyph's later guild, Nightshade. Anyway, we ran math and rabbie, sometimes even rabbie basic on a regular basis. I loved rabbie basic, because the red skeletons were weak to icebolt-and it was so easy to slay them all, and give experience to my comrades.

It was these dungeons that made me value camaraderie. Everything became so much easier when there were 5 sources of damage instead of one, and i felt like i had an actual role-with 5 charges of icebolt, i could divert aggro towards me at anytime, effectively guarding all members if I reacted quickly enough. Since ranged attacks missed quite often, I watched as much as I could. The elves were all squishy and needed much attention, but hurt..

Hurt was human, an ranked all the combat skills to 9. She could easily break apart anything she wanted to, assuming she had= stamina left. Her name alone scared me, as if she was thinking of painful ways to torture me at any moment.

There were a lot more dungeons. Burningsky got falcon after while.

Me and Myrix spent a great deal of time together-some of the chat logs I saved because they brought warmth to my heart. Warmth where else I had none because of... other stuff.

But I digress.

She brought me to her favorite spot-just off the coast of Sella Beach. It was quiet there, with snow blowing and everything. I could still feel her warmth, but also her loneliness, staring out into the sun, changing to moons as she watched the sky change, burning with every morning and dying every night. It was her favorite place, and that was all she told me. I found her there when she looked offline, and I still visit from time to time, hoping that she'd be there. I haven't seen her log on to that account for at least three years.

One of my favorite memories was sitting in front of the filia bank. Waiting for the server to go down, we couldn't play, and just sat there talking about our real lives. about the distance between our bodies, in the game, in the real world, our dreams, our aspirations. It was one of the few times I think that someone understood me- knew enough to finish my sentences at times, and I miss that- I miss her.

We did a lot of dragonboating when the event first rolled around. I died a lot, because hobgoblin crits completely destroyed my 89 HP, and even in trans, 369 HP didn't carry me very far. At one time someone had a full inventory, and had to stand, so for some reason or other I volunteered to take his spot (which was one of the aggro-heavy seats) and he mistook that for taking his blue broadsword-and told me to burninhell, a pun off my name. Nao still calls me "The burning bastard" whenever she sees me- though she has long since quit as well. I don't miss her as much as I miss Myrix, Hurtfully, and Zyphilia. I still have a dragonblade and a black kite shield, and they remind me of this time.

A couple years later, an elf called Zerochampion rafted with me- told me he remembered everything, and though I knew it was one of my friends' alts- I can't remember at this point. I suspect it was Limbo or Hurt but...

I can't remember.

Myrix gave me a pendant one Valentine's day. A little silver heart that I keep it in a corner of my inventory, afraid to wear, afraid to enchant, afraid to move it in case it gets mixed in with the others pendants i get from Nao Pryderi. I have gifts from her, the graceful plate she sold to me for 100k, messages, conversation logs, so many memories that I can't bring myself to destroy.

Sometimes I mail her gifts, most of the time they're mailed back by the system because it's been too long. Sometimes they disappear, and I smile cause I know she got them.

Sometimes, I think that the only reason I refuse to quit this game entirely is because I miss the memories, friends that left and never returned.

I feel like i need to stay to welcome them back.

Some time passed. I had a female human alt named Kaei, of which drew questions- why is it a girl?

The simplest answer is because I never had one before. I mean, a female avatar, and I wanted to explore what that meant, whether it be in access to new items, or new friendships, forming bonds with people regardless of appearance-or that's what I thought at the time. Hiding your appearance is one thing, changing it to another just leads to a different behavior.

Me, Hurt and Myrix did Kaei's g1, with the help of Tinymight for the final, and Hurtfully on Adv Feather standby.
Somehow I felt out of my element. Not being on an avatar I associated with myself, not even being in the same world I started playing in- it felt fake to some extent.

I guess this is what I mean by faking myself in the game- most of the time I don't think of the avatar as myself, just a partner which I play the game with, reflecting my views and philosophies, but acting on the other side of the screen. A partner that I affect, and that affects me, but isn't me, not really.

After a while, Zyph started talking to me more. Tried, subtly to tell me that Myrix was expecting something more from me.

Honestly, I loved our lukewarm friendship and I'm not sure if I really wanted more. So I stuttered one day

"Do you want to get married?"
"LOL what?"
"Do you-"
"I heard you LOL, it's just that most people would ask to go out before marriage and stuff..."

My name is Burningsky. Sometimes I don't say what I feel, but if I do say what I feel, it comes out without an afterthought.

Sometimes I don't say how I feel, and it ruins everything.
More about that later.

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Introduction, The long way. Empty Re: Introduction, The long way.

Post  Kamikazex91 on Fri Apr 26, 2013 8:52 am

Awesome stuff. Keep it going.

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Introduction, The long way. Empty Re: Introduction, The long way.

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