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G18: Info Thread! Empty G18: Info Thread!

Post  Toshiku on Thu Apr 25, 2013 10:18 pm


Since I'm sick and bored, and this forum needs a boost, I'm going to "try" and keep it active!

I noticed some people don't know what to expect from G18, so in this thread, post what you know, what to expect, what to prepare for, what to watch out for... basically, anything useful to the rest of the guild that you can share!

1Thing2Do3Words4You~ I love you! <3

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G18: Info Thread! Empty Re: G18: Info Thread!

Post  Shadowblast on Sat Apr 27, 2013 3:07 am

EDIT: Added AP costs and info about elemental reforges
I'll try to type up what I can figure out about the new Gunner talent.
Depending on what Nexon NA decides, we may not get Gunner until G18E6 (G18 and its mainstream were released in episodes)

Dual Gun damage is influenced by STR and INT, not sure on the specific numbers
Guns require bullets that are 2x2 and stack to 500. Two types can be NPC bought, the strongest is made with herbs I believe. Bullets increase both min and max damage.

Guns can be repaired by an NPC in the Heruin mines, a new area added to Physis. However, portable repair kits can be bought that are like blacksmith coupons. The kits have a 98% repair rate.

8 new Gunner skills, none of them have CP-related training requirements:
  • Dual Gun Mastery: Increases gun damage and Critical rate

  • Reload: Reloads the gun, can be used during Windmill and while moving

  • Closer: Attaches a line to an ally or enemy (even dead things) and pulls the player towards it. Can be used during Windmill, and ignores Defense and Counter(Counter will not be cancelled). Windmill can still hit you, but you won't be knocked back.

  • Cross Buster: This is very similar to Smash; it counts as a melee hit and is unaffected by Defense but is Counter-able. Cross Buster can be used after Closer, but remember that Closer doesn't cancel Counter.

  • Far Away: Similar to Heat Buster, it can be used at a small range from the target. It pushes both the attacker and target backwards, and can be used while being attacked (however you can still be attacked during Far Away's animation).

  • Bullet Storm: It uses a similar damage formula to Crash Shot, meaning more enemies hit = more damage, up to 5 targets increasing damage. You can hit as many targets in a fan-shape area as you have bullets for (4 bullets per target), but I think the skill itself has a limit based on rank.

  • Shooting Rush: Move forward while shooting each enemy 4 times. Slightly similar to Lance Charge.

  • Frenzy: Like a Berserk mode for guns, it is a huge damage output increase for a limited amount of time. It increases attack speed, makes all normal attacks have 100% Critical rate, resets cooldown for all gun skills, and grants unlimited ammo. After Frenzy time is up, the chamber will have no bullets left no matter how many bullets you used.

Detailed Mechanics

-- Area-of-effect skills (Bullet Storm and Shooting Rush) will have red arrows indicating which enemies will be shot at. However, enemies can move out of range during the animation of the skill, so these should only be used as a guide.

-- Both Bullet Storm and Shooting Rush (at least) count as both melee and ranged, thus activating both Heavy Stander and Natural Shield. However, if the enemy is immune to only one of these types of damage, they will still take damage, i.e. Whites (immune to melee) and Zombies (immune to range)

-- Cross Buster, Far Away, and Reload require only Stamina to use. Bullet Storm, Closer, and Shooting Rush require both MP and Stamina to use.

-- Most types of guns do not stun. Since guns shoot twice, this usually prompts whatever you just shot to run straight at you. Only critical hits and hits from certain guns can stun.

-- Bullet Storm and Shooting Rush, from what I've seen, draw ridiculous amounts of aggro. Every enemy that was hit will aggro you.

-- Two new Life Skills are related to guns, Rare Mineralogy and Heruin Engineering. Mineralogy is gathering materials while Engineering is the crafting skill. Engineering is similar to Carpentry, you gather materials and go to a bench to craft items. Also like Carpentry, it seems to have long craft times dammit but they decrease with rank. Guns do not seem to be the only thing that can be made through Engineering.

-- Like Control Bars, Guns do not have access to Elemental Reforges. But, with enough stats, they can become extremely powerful.

-- Normal Counterattack requires bullets, but that animation is so awesome :O

AP Costs
Dual Gun Mastery: 165 AP
Bullet Storm: 275 AP
Closer: 195 AP
Cross Buster: 205 AP
Far Away: 184 AP
Frenzy: 120 AP
Reload: 95 AP
Shooting Rush: 225 AP
Heruin Engineering: 95 AP
Rare Mineralogy: 95 AP

All info was gathered from Mabidata and Mabinogi World Wiki.

...That is the most I have ever typed for anything that isn't school related. /igosleepnow

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G18: Info Thread! Empty Re: G18: Info Thread!

Post  Toshiku on Sat Apr 27, 2013 10:15 am

Great post Shadow, thanks for the info! Smile

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G18: Info Thread! Empty Re: G18: Info Thread!

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