We Are Recruiting!

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We Are Recruiting!

Post  Toshiku on Sun Nov 10, 2013 12:40 am

Hey guildies,

so as the title to this thread states, we are indeed recruiting. This time however, we will be running things rather differently to before~ I'll go ahead and explain the changes below:

Recommendation rule:

-Applicant must have at least ONE recommendation from a member within the guild.
-Recommendation must be reliable and trustworthy (ask myself or Zeph for details on this).

Shadow Mission / Dungeon Entry Test:

-Applicant will under-go a SM or Dungeon entry test
-Applicant chooses the SM/Dungeon and it's difficulty
-Applicant is studied inside on both their personality and play style
-Appropriate questions (including situational questions) are asked inside

Over all, the decision is made using a combination of the above results.

If any of you have any tips, concerns or suggestions, please leave a reply below!

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