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Post  Fissrasuren's Magnitude on Thu Jul 25, 2013 8:43 pm

This is a pvp tournament event i have been working on for the guild to enjoy and take part in. I just got reviews from Toshiku and Flamexel the same day i made this post so please hold on with me and give in ideas to balance it out further. Puppets are currently glitched in the Connous battle arena since their damage can't be edited.


-Duel another person 1v1 in a tournament tree setting as seen in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.
-If you lose in the first rounds of the tournament you earn 5k, second rounds 10k and so on and so on. This will be given more detail later.
-Grand prize gets 100k or an item near that value, second place earns 50k.
-Default equipment. (more details on that later)
-Regulations: Rules set between the two duelers before they go in. i.e. no mana shield.
-No Demigod.
-No Pets: they can't be mounted anyways and the insta-skill upon summon ones are OP.


-Duel in a party against another party, both parties must have an equal number of participants!
-The lowest scoring contributors are eliminated on each side at the end of the round.
-If a party has two lowest scoring contributors, they go through Sudden Death!
-Sudden death is an individual duel between both players at 100% damage, whoever dies first stays.
-Regulations are allowed between both parties on 75% votes of both party's members.
-Default Equipment.
-Up to 10 potions of any kind are allowed. i.e. 10 30 mps or 10 100 hps. This can be edited through regulations as well.
-when both parties have 1 person on each side, they duke it out for grand prize. At this stage both are allowed to transform when their hp is below 50%
-No Demigod.
-Puppet users are not allowed until they are fixed if that ever happens.
-No Pets: they can't be mounted anyways and the insta-skill upon summon ones are OP.

Connous Battle Arena abilities which allow for this:

-Damage output balancing
-Team play

How to get disqualified:

-Break regulations or rules.
-Leave the battlefield by reviving at the lobby or exiting.
-Stalling through movement speed
-Do not use default equipment
-Not participating in your team tournament or singles duel.

Getting disqualified means you won't get your reward and everyone who was behind the place you would have gotten instead gets pushed up for a better reward.

Default Equipment:

This is one the ways we will balance the tournament. People either buy or are given default equipment pertaining to their major class. Their secondary weapon slot will be their secondary class and will only get the weapon for that class instead of their equipment. For example: A Knight will get cheap heavy armor and a Physis wooden lance and the weakest knuckles if his secondary is martial arts. If you do not have any sub-classes or choose not to have a sub-class then your secondary weapon will be another version of weapon types allowed by that class if any. i.e Mage using a fire wand and a ice wand in the other slot.

Level restrictions:

I know we were all expecting this but it won't be as strict as the idea seems. For team tourney this is the cumulative total level of all participants on each party.You must be at least level 500 total to participate since anyone who is new won't be able to get ranks near that of a level 500 person.

~500 to ~1000
~1000 to ~2000
~2000 to ~4000
~4000 to ~6000
~6000 to ~10000

E.G. for team tourney:

6 players on the red team are lvl 1000 ttl which equals to 6000

This means that the other 6 players on the other team must equal around 6000 to 10000.

There is also a big chance I will make a separate level restriction list for team tournaments.


Currently glitched since their damage can't be edited through Connous. This means they are only allowed in single tournaments through normal duels outside of the Connous Arena. If you want spam submit tickets to NAxon to see if they fix it or ask Devcat to do it.

Power restrictions:

-This will be made to make sure that if two people are near the same level that they don't necessarily duel since one may be more skilled. But i might not even implement this cause that is hard to keep track of.

How Connous Battle Arena works:

-When you get knocked out and revive at the Arena Side you are made invulnerable for a few seconds but you also can't attack. This prevents you from being spawn camped if it ever comes to that.
-Losers and anyone else willing to watch can go to the stands but it is hard to get a good glimpse of anything from there.
-Turn in your stars at the end of the round to get coins back and so you can start fresh on the next round.
-When you revive at the arena side you will probably be wounded, so inflicting wounds is the best way to play unless you can heal them with bandages quickly. Although i don't recommend it unless you're in a safe spot. (Yes bandages are always allowed unless regulations don't allow for it).
-All rounds end at 5 minutes, which is pretty fair.
-There are walls which you can camp at or hide at depending on how you want to play.
-When the round beings you have 10 second to move around and get ready. Any skills pre-loaded from this are canceled.

This is all i got so please post for any more ideas you have.

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Post  Toshiku on Thu Jul 25, 2013 9:17 pm

I'd just like to remind people that this is a discussion thread, and therefore all input is both needed and very welcome. ^_^

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